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"This is a great program. Our son went two years in a row and had a wonderful time every day. The staff is attentive, caring, and focused on inclusion of all children."..........Summer Buddies Parent 2012

"I am amazed at the marked improvement I have seen in my son's social development in just a matter of weeks. The other day my son walked into the family room where I was sitting, waved, and said "Hi mommy, what are you doing?" My son did not wave at all before this summer's Summer Buddies program and he was very reluctant to even say hi to anyone. Now he does this all the time. As well, he is engaging with his little brother more by bringing him toys and cheering for him when he is riding on his horsey. Your child will benefit from this program and it will provide the continuity your child needs to keep them engaged and learning throughout the summer months." ........ Summer Buddies Parent of 2 buddies, 2012

"Summer Buddies was, is, and always will be outstanding due to great leadership, appropriate activities, and an overall nice energy and atmosphere for the Buddies! Our family really appreciated and enjoyed having our son participate." Summer Buddies Parent, 2012 "For the past years, we've seen how our son grew and improved in his social skills. Whatever success, big or small, he gained was partly because of Summer Buddies. He's been with Summer Buddies for the past four summers and we believe it's one of the best decisions we made for him."........Long time Summer Buddies Parent, 2011"The Staff/Student ratio is great.  We really noticed a difference in our son's pragmatic language, especially greetings."       ............Summer Buddies Parent 2010 

"Best value for the buck!  The staff and volunteers pour their heart into the Summer Buddies Program and the Summer Buddies campers catch the spirit.  I was amazed to see the range of activities and the progress that my grand daughter made.  Most importantly , this was an experience that gave our children a chance to have fun while learning and developing in a calm atmosphere."      .........Summer Buddies Parent 2010 

"Thank you for all the great work this summer.  My son definitely benefited from the program.  We met wonderful new friends and hope to see you again, next summer!"        ...........Summer Buddies Parent 2009

"Your sincerity and caring for each child was apparent by not only Angela and Sarah, but all of the staff.  This program should be the model for many other play groups."     .............Summer Buddies Parent 2009       

" Summer Buddies has a great inclusive program with a nice blend of kids of all ages and abilities, with energetic and talented staff.  It has been a great experience for my child and we look forward to coming back next year.  I wish Summer Buddies staff could start a year round pre-school too. “        ………Summer Buddies Parent 2008     

 “Introducing kids to the special needs and worlds of others is a great way to teach them how to become open-minded, sympathetic, empathic and tolerant people.  Summer Buddies provided a great opportunity for "typically developing kids" to get to know and become friends with kids that have different needs from them but also have a lot in common. Sarah and Angela are patient, caring and loving.  They create a safe and warm environment in which all the kids are having fun while getting a boost to their self esteem.  I think it's a great program providing great opportunities for kids to socialize, develop empathy, expand their emotional world and improve their self esteem.  I believe that both the "typically developing peers" and the children with special needs benefit greatly from participating in the program. “ ……..Parent of Peer Buddy, 2005      

"Summer Buddies went far beyond any expectations I had. My daughters love Summer Buddies, they talk about it all the time, and the skills they learned are evident to all - family and friends…..Sarah and Angela are already so highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field--and they've just started!  I'm so impressed with their innovative ideas and their work ethic.  They are meeting a great need in this area for a quality, integrated social skills group that is also affordable.  The best is yet to come . . . I can't wait!” ……..Parent of one Summer Buddy and one Peer Buddy, 2004-2007 “As a parent with a child with special needs, I have always had trouble finding summer camp programs that would be a good fit for my child. Summer Buddies was a great find! Angela and Sarah are wonderfully educated, organized and caring.  I could tell that my daughter loved her experience at Summer Buddies!” ……..Big Buddies Parent, 2005“My child enjoyed himself thoroughly, Although non-verbal, he clearly showed how much he liked arriving every session. I am very impressed by Sarah and Angela’s expertise, and their ability to integrate the kids. “ ……..Little Buddies Parent, 2005

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