A Summer Full of Fun & Friends!

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The tools to Build Friendships

1. My child is non-verbal, can they attend summer buddies?           

Yes, your child can attend if they are non-verbal.  We utilize low tech assistive technology (Picture communication symbols, PECS, sign language) and are experienced in using high tech assistive technology to promote functional and meaningful communication for all our children.  

      "Summer Buddies was, is, and always will be outstanding due to great leadership, appropriate activities, and an overall nice energy and atmosphere for the Buddies! Our family really appreciated and enjoyed having our son participate." Summer Buddies Parent, 201

We are a non-profit organization that offers summer social skills playgroups full of fun and friends! We are a unique organization that aims to teach children of all abilities how to socialize and play together in a fun and safe environment!!!

Summer buddies aims to provide a safe, fun and nurturing place to play and develop social skills during the summer.  By providing a supportive and inclusive environment, children are empowered with tools needed to build meaningful friendships.  Summer Buddies exposes children to individuals with a diverse range of abilities. We also aim to meet the needs of families and community volunteers by providing networking opportunities and educational resources.



Our Mission